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Growth in U. S. Child Care Businesses

The financial performance of child care businesses is often “assumed-to-be” far less than businesses in other categories. Although operating a child care business does have it challenges, the growth of child care businesses and annual sales outpaced many

Increasing the Value of Your Child Care Business

Increasing the Value of Your Child Care Business

While taking the steps to start a child care business, most owners are already dreaming of the day they will sell their center for a substantial sum. The problem is – most owners are so busy running their

Buying a Child Care Business

For those who want to buy a child care business… Solutions 4 Child Care, will work with you whether you are an experienced buyer looking for a new opportunity, or a first-time buyer ready to purchase your own child care

Starting a New Child Care Business

If you desire is to own a child care center, you basically have three options to accomplish this goal: buy an existing center, convert a space or building into a child care center or build a new center

Understanding Break-Even in Your Child Care Business

Understanding Break-Even Break-even is the minimal amount of income/revenue a child care center must earn to cover all expenses without losing money or making money.  Therefore, all income above the break-even point would be profits. To calculate your

5 C’s of Lending

What Does a Lender Look For? The 5 C’S of Lending Lenders and investors look not only at the business numbers when making a loan but also take into consideration intangible things. These intangible considerations are often referred

Increasing Cash Flow

Increasing Cash Flow Successful cash flow management requires managing the money that comes in and flows out of your child care business. The goal is to maintain smooth, consistent cash flow. Large increases in expenses and drops in

Value of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance – A Cost or a Savings? Preventive maintenance is planned or scheduled maintenance with the goal of preventing breakdowns and failures by keeping things repaired and in good working condition. Preventive maintenance in a child care

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