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Endless Child Care Buyer Calls, Emails, and Letters

How many calls, emails, and letters have you received this week from people interested in buying your child care business? If you are like most child care business owners, particularly a large child care business owner, you have

Repurposing space for child care

Child Care Real Estate – Repurposing or Adaptive Reuse

When seeking a location for a new child care center, individuals often overlook great opportunities in “repurposing” or “adaptive reuse” of existing buildings and space.  Repurposing or adaptive reuse refers to the process of reusing an existing building

Child Care Franchises

We are often asked by child care owners and individuals wishing to purchase or start a child care business, “how much does it cost to buy a child care franchise”?  In the table below, we have compiled information

Child Care Business Evaluation

Dear Child Care Business Owner, I am celebrating 23 years of selling child care businesses in North Carolina!  I started my business brokerage firm in 1995.  For a few years, I listed and sold all types of businesses. 

Increasing the Value of Your Child Care Business

End of the Year Checklist for Child Care Owners

This year is coming to an end in just a few short weeks.  Are you ready for 2018?  Most childcare owners would respond “No.”  Moreover, the thought of trying to find time to add one more thing to

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