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Child Care Market Area Demographic Reports

At Solutions 4 Child Care, when we speak with child care owners about marketing, we ask about area demographics, marketing segmentation, the definition of an ideal customer, etc.  Although most child care owners have a general idea of

Demographics and Child Care Marketing

Demographics and market research are not just for large companies.  Every business – including child care businesses have much to gain from knowing some basic market area demographics.  Demographics are valuable to child care businesses for many reasons

North Carolina Child Care Stats

ChildCare Aware of America has released its’ annual report – “Child Care in America; 2015 State Fact Sheets”.  The report provides important data about working families in America.  In all states, many parents have difficulty accessing healthy, safe

NC Population Increase and Child Care

In 2015, the population in North Carolina surpassed 10 million.  From 2010 through mid-2015 NC gained 507,000 new residents representing a 5.3% increase in overall population which exceeds the national average of 4.1% for the same period. Population

Growth in U. S. Child Care Businesses

The financial performance of child care businesses is often “assumed-to-be” far less than businesses in other categories. Although operating a child care business does have it challenges, the growth of child care businesses and annual sales outpaced many

Increasing the Value of Your Child Care Business

Increasing the Value of Your Child Care Business

While taking the steps to start a child care business, most owners are already dreaming of the day they will sell their center for a substantial sum. The problem is – most owners are so busy running their

Buying a Child Care Business

For those who want to buy a child care business… Solutions 4 Child Care, will work with you whether you are an experienced buyer looking for a new opportunity, or a first-time buyer ready to purchase your own child care

Starting a New Child Care Business

If you desire is to own a child care center, you basically have three options to accomplish this goal: buy an existing center, convert a space or building into a child care center or build a new center

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