Solutions 4 Child Care specializes in “Helping People Buy and Sell Child Care Businesses” Our years of child care business transfer experience, has allowed us to develop relationships with buyers at the local, state, regional and national level.  Our marketing systems are designed to provide exposure of a child care business to the right buyers…qualified buyers while protecting an owner’s confidentiality. The uniqueness and high degree of regulation of child care businesses makes the steps required to transfer more complex and require the assistance of a broker experienced in selling child care businesses.

And, many times, the child care business owner also owns the real property, therefore, all Solutions 4 Child Care Business Advisors are licensed to sell the real property or assist with a lease of real property.

Sale and Lease of Real Estate and Sale-and-Leaseback
Solutions 4 Child Care Business Advisers can assist you with the sale of the real estate associated with your child care business or arrange for a long term lease to the buyer. In addition, our Business Advisers can arrange for a sale-and-leaseback for those buyers that prefer to reduce assets held, increase working capital and focus on the core activity of child care business operations.

*** All Solutions 4 Child Care Business Advisers are fully licensed by their respective state real estate licensing board.  Most states require an individual to hold a real estate license to sell real property or assist with a lease for real property.  Solutions 4 Child Care Business Advisers have the knowledge, license and skills to advise and assist you with both the child care business and the real property.

Child Care Business Evaluation In depth analysis of operations with an emphasis on expenses associated with labor cost, facilities, cost of goods, etc.  Carefully analysis of revenues, expenses and profits provide the information necessary to provide a market value range for a child care business. Once the value of a business is determined, a plan to increase the value, over time, can be developed and implemented.

Child Care Business Enhancement

There is room for improvement in every child care business.  Often, small changes in operations can result in improved cash flow, decrease in debt service, and increased net operating income.  Solutions 4 Child Care Business Advisers can help you systemically make the necessary changes in your child care business that will yield the highest return.

Succession Planning

Within the next 20 years 90 million Americans will be retiring. The “Baby Boomer” Generation (people born between 1945 and 1964) has dominated the small business marketplace and demographics indicate that there will be a 10 trillion dollar transfer of wealth in the next 10- 15 years. Most of this wealth is tied to the small businesses these “boomers” own. Over 70% of these businesses are expected to change hands. As an owner of a child care business looking toward retirement, succession planning will be essential to the continuing life of the business, and your realization of the greatest return on your life’s work and/or ensuring your legacy. Solutions 4 Child Care can assist you with designing a Comprehensive Succession Plan that will include:

  • Controlling the time and way you exit from your child care business.
  • Provide you ways to retain control by assisting you with the implementation of strategic exit options.
  • Realization of your business and personal goals.
  • Maximize the value of the child care business, while deferring or eliminating the tax burden incurred by the ownership transfer.

Start a Child Care Center

If your goal is to open a new child care center or possibly build a new center, Solutions 4 Child Care can provide the following assistance:

Site Selection
     Child Care Demographic Studies
     Design / Blueprints Review
     Effective Classroom Layout
     Construction Consultation
     Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Selection
     Playground Design
Initial Employee Recruitment
     Grand Opening
Initial Marketing and Enrollment Promotions

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