For those who want to buy a child care business

Solutions 4 Child Care, will work with you whether you are an experienced buyer looking for a new opportunity, or a first-time buyer ready to purchase your own child care business. We will help you organize your efforts and find the child care business that meets your requirements. The personal and important decision to buy a child care business involves many factors. We will carefully review the information you share with us in order to understand your objectives and expectations. We maintain a variety of good child care businesses for sale, small, medium and large. To start the child care business buying process, please complete the Buyer Registration Forms.

NOTE: Prior to being provided any additional information about the child care businesses we represent, a buyer must complete Buyer Registration Forms and Confidentiality Agreement. Once we receive your completed forms, we will reach out to you to discuss your child care business acquisition goals. Then, we will review your background and desired acquisition criteria with the child care business owners we represent that best match your acquisition goals and capacity to purchase.  If the child care owner grants us permission to discuss their child care business with you, we will schedule a child care business presentation to provide additional information about the child care business including; location, child care programs offered, demographics, revenues, cash flow, facilities, purchase price, purposed terms of the transaction and other important child care business information.

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